Volotea: The emerging airline for secondary cities

About Volotea

Not many know about the Volotea, this airline connects small and medium sized European cities with non-stop direct flights at very competitive prices. “They want you to spend more time at your destination and less time on the plane”.

Volotea was founded by Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros; the CEO and managing director, whose first venture together was Vueling Airlines. By now, it is the third budget airline in Europe by passenger volume. Its management team is made up by professionals with an extensive experience in the aviation sector in Spain and Europe.

Boeing 717 taking off

The airline offers 81 destinations at the moment. Some of them are  Alicante, Ancona, Perignan, Vienna, Nantes, Santander… All of them are budget friendly and the most amazing… kids under 12 year old travel for free! Opposite, the promotion is available only until april 13th of 2018 (included) for flights until june 2018. However, you can not combine any other promotion with this one.


Volotea has renewed the IOSA registration, given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) until 2019. The IOSA programme evaluates the airlines’ operational management and control systems against approximately 940 standards and recommended practices in safety and quality in operations.

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) programme is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline.

Created in 2001, the IOSA programme checks among other areas flight control, cargo operations and operations in the passenger cabin. IOSA has become a global standard, recognized beyond the scope of IATA. The total accident rate for IOSA carriers between 2011 and 2015 was 3.3 times lower than the rate for non-IOSA airlines.

IATA Operational Safety Audit


Volotea will count on 32 aircraft this year between Airbus A319’s and Boeing 717’s. Both models are recognized for their comfort and reliability. More than 45% of the flights scheduled in 2018 are expected to be operated by their Airbus. Their planes offer reclinable seats a 5% wider than the competence.

The Boeing 717 is equipped with Rolls-Royce engines and is renowned for its comfort and reliability. It’s an extremely reliable 125-seat aircraft and offers a high level of comfort due to its limited five seats per row.

The range of the A319 allows Volotea to operate routes with a longer distance and penetrate new markets. While the Boeing 717 has a range of 2,500km, the Airbus A319 reaches 3,500km. Volotea’s Airbus A319 are currently located in Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Volotea expects to become a 100% Airbus operator in the next years. This strategic decision allows the company to increase its passenger capacity by 20%, from 125 seats to 150 seats on its new planes.

Source: www.volotea.com

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