Swiss International Air Lines: 10th 777-300ER delivered

Swiss International Air Lines took delivery of his 10th and last Boeing 777-300ER, one of the most emblematic aircrafts ever build. Boeing delivered the plane to the company the 13th of March of this year. Swiss placed the order of 6 777 in 2013 but as the years passed, Swiss increased the order to a final number of 10. This bi-motor jet is very appealing for Ultra Long Range flights and is ahead of any of its possible competitors. The range of this particular model, de 777-300ER is of 7,370 nautical miles or about 13,650km.

Swiss placed the order as part of a planned update and expand their long-haul fleet. The 777-300ER is nowadays used on eight intercontinental routes, all making use of the airline’s hub in Zurich: Bangkok, Chicago, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, San Francisco, and Singapore. The airline also operates Airbus A330-300s and A340-300s on its long-haul routes.

Furthermore, the airline has configured all 10 of its 777s the same: 8 first class seats, 62 in business, and 270 in a 10 seats-per-row in economy. The premium sections are very Euro styled, with warm colors and lots of right angles. The sliding privacy screen/hanging closet in first is a very nice touch.


Swiss fleet, or as they call it ‘our best arguments’ now consists on the a320 family, the a340-300 and 330-300. The 777 is the only Boeing aircraft in their fleet. And last but not least the brand new Bombardiers CS100 and CS300, setting new standards in environmental compatibility, efficiency and comfort, only used in European routes.


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