Lufthansa will launch its new business class in 2020

Introducing the new business class

New Lufthansa business class will be available in regular rates in 2020 according to the company. The cabin has a dramatic throne-style middle seats the most eye-catching aspect of it.

The new cabin in the 777-9 will incorporate the new seat for business class designed based on the customers’ suggestions. The seat has been developed exclusively for the german airline together with Lufthansa’s clients. More than 500 guests proportionated their support to the development.

Seats in the new Lufthansa business class.

Compared with its predecessors, the Boeing 777-9 will have a spacious cabin. “This space is used to increase significantly the level of comfortability for the passengers” stated from the german company.

All passengers of the new business class will have direct access to the corridor thanks to 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 configuration. Besides, depending on their personal needs, the passengers can choose among a series of spatial configurations. For example, they can opt for having a longer bed or a seat with double desk space. The bed lengths, Lufthansa says, will be up to 220cm.

It adds that the construction of the back rest makes it possible for the shoulder to sink in when you are lying on your side. “This keeps the spine straight,” the airline says, “and makes it possible for side sleepers to also benefit from ideally healthy and relaxing sleep”.

On request, passengers will also be provided with sleeping sweaters. So far, these have only been available in first class. Lufthansa will also offer its business class passengers new blankets that are ‘lined but still light’ and ‘will keep the passengers warm at night’.

Airline’s declarations

Lufthansa executive Harry Hohmeister said: ‘The new, ultra-modern Lufthansa business class creates a new global benchmark. It offers our passengers a unique travel experience.

‘We have consistently and continuously refined our range of premium products for our guests and modernised Lufthansa. Our focus is and has always been on the wishes of our customers and their specific needs.

‘We want to provide them with the perfect travel experience. The new business class showcases the full innovative capacity of Lufthansa.’

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