Lufthansa Group: Sharing new a320’s ‘standard’ seat

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Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and  Swiss International Air Lines, all part of the Lufthansa group have decided to create a ‘standardised’ seating for their upcoming a320’s. The update will take place  in 2019, changing both the business class cabin and economy cabin.

A spokesperson for Lufthansa confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that Airbus A320 jets across all Lufthansa Group airlines would adopt the same new seat design as part of “a standard specification for the Airbus a320’s fleet. (…) The seat covers will be in a different colour accents (for different Lufthansa Group airlines) to make it brand-specific”.

Lufthansa’s a320 taxiing to the runway.

Not only short-haul planes will change, because the same approach will happen in long-haul airplanes in Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines. First of all, this will help to minimise costs in cabin designs both in long- and short- haul destinations. However, components such as emergency equipment and electronic flight bag systems should comply with a uniform and group-wide standard.

This will allow the Lufthansa Group to react more quickly and flexibly to current developments. To move aircrafts and capacities more easily and efficiently between the airlines and the Group’s hubs will be also possible. Lufthansa will get 100 new a320 NEO delivered until 2025. Tho know more about the a320’s NEO please read our article about the evolutions that Boeing and Airbus are planning in their old planes.

Widebody cabin of the long-haul flights in 2019.


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