American Airlines orders 47 Dreamliners

The Dreamliner

Together with the Airbus a350 XWB, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most successful airplanes in the industry at the moment. Its competitiveness in the fuel efficiency, aerodynamics and comfort of the cabin are unbeatable for nowadays aircrafts. Learn more about this plane in our post dedicated to this marvellous plane.

The first Dreamliner ever to be delivered to American Airlines

The order

The biggest airline in the world ordered 47 787 Dreamliner to Boeing. 22 of the aircrafts will be the variant -8 and the 25 remaining will be the -9 variant.

The order at first was not for 47 of these aircrafts. American decided to order 42 787s but after some time of using the first delivered ones, decided to increase the order to 47 aircrafts. This order will make the company the largest operator of Dreamliners.

American is the last Airline to expand its order on the 787s. Thus, most of the 71 clients of this model increased their orders. This has enlarged the program of 787s up to 1.350 orders up to date.

What happened with the a350s

At the same time that American was signing the contract with Boeing and General Electric, the supplier of the GEnx-1B engines, they were signing the cancelation of the order of 22 Airbus a350-900 signed in 2005 by US Airways. The delivery of the planes was delayed first from 2017 to 2018 and later on to 2020.

Robert Isom, president of American Airlines has spoken about the cancellation. “It has been a tough decision to decide between the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the a350 and a330 NEO and i would like to thank both manufacturers for their huge efforts in order to be the supplier of the company. In the end, our objective of simplifying our fleet made the 787 the better decision”.


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