The new-generation Airbus a350 XWB

Airbus has designed the new a350 XWB. It is a twin-engine jetliner which is shaping the future of air travel by offering a complete family of new-generation aircraft. “XWB” stands for the a350 family, a widebody aircraft which offers different lengths in the fuselage thus it allows different seat-configurations for airlines.

The a350-1000, the largest of the a350 family.
The a350-1000, the largest of the a350 family.

The maximum capacity is 440 passenger seats. Besides, it is one of the biggest Airbus twin-engine plane, competing with the legendary Boeing 777, the aircraft with the most powerful plane engines ever made.

Dimensions of the Airbus a350:

  • Length (a350-800): 60.54m / (a350-900): 66.89m / (a350-1000): 73.88m
  • Fuselage width: 5.96m
  • Wing span: 64.95m
  • Height: 17.08m
  • Track: 10.73m
  • Wheelbase: 32.48m

    Variants of the Airbus a350.
    Variants of the Airbus a350.

The A350 XWB stands out in its class thanks to its combination of passenger comfort, technological innovation and its unique industrial process. Besides, designed with airlines’ priorities in mind, the A350 XWB meets the multiple challenges of high fuel prices, rising expectations from passengers and increasing environmental concerns.

Designed with passengers and airlines at heart, it benefits from being built with over 70% advanced materials. The a350 combines carbon composites (53%), titanium and modern aluminium alloys, to create a lighter and more cost-efficient aircraft therefore reducing maintenance requirements.

The A350 XWB Family members, bring the very latest in aerodynamics, design and advanced technologies together for a 25% step change in fuel efficiency compared to its current long-range competitor. This is possible thanks to the newest winglets and the latest generation Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines providing 420kN of thrust.

Winglet at the end of the wing.
Winglet at the end of the wing.

It is an Ultra Long Range aircraft. Thanks to a fuel capacity of 156.000 liters and the its efficiency allows it to travel from 14.000km to 15.200km.

From the day of its release in 14 June of 2013, it hasn’t had any catastrophes nor reported technical problems. Moreover, up to this date, there a well over 850 aircrafts ordered by 43 worldwide airlines. The first one was delivered to Qatar Airways and its first flight went from Qatar to Frankfurt. At this moment, there are 114 a350 aircraft in service with 15 operators. However, there are 744 more orders.


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