Air France and Lufthansa strikes affect Europe

Strike splashes Europe

The strikes made by Lufthansa and Air France’s workers in different airports of Europe is causing enormous losses to both airlines. Air France, who cancelled 25% of their planned flights, estimates losses of over 170 millions dollars, at least until the 10th of April. Lufthansa says the strike has affected over 90.000 passengers all over Germany. The cancellation of 800 flights is at fault.

Air France offered to their workers an increase in their salaries of 2% instead of the 1% they offered at first. However, trade unions demand 6% increase. The company has asked the labour unions to stop the strike in order to negotiate new salaries and wages for the following years which would start in 2019 and end in 2021.

The french airline hopes that the negotiation will follow to a ”growing deal”. Moreover, the negotiation with the pilots labour union about specific and key topics will guarantee a growing dynamic.

The pilots and cabin  crew have extended the days of strike for the days 11, 17, 18, 23 and 24 of April.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa has stopped operations in their fourth biggest airports: Frankfurt, Munich, Köln and Bremen. Of the 800 affected flights, 58 are long haul connections. The strikes made by the two giants of the European aviation have been called by the vast majority of labour unions and public workers of France and Germany as a measure to increment the pressure for better wages.


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